Upper GI Endoscopy with Bravo Placement (EGD)

A visual examination of the upper intestinal tract using a lighted flexible, fiberoptic endoscope. You will be sedated during the procedure which usually takes 10 minutes. A small pH probe is temporarily attached to the wall of the esophagus. You will wear a recorder for the next 48 hours. After insertion resume your normal activities and you will be asked to log any symptoms.

Procedure Instructions:

  • Stop all Acid Suppression medications 10 days prior to the procedure such as but not limited to:
         Omeprazole   Kapidex   Prilosec   Prevacid  Protonix  Aciphex
          Nexium   Carafate   Zantac   Pepcid
  • During the time you are NOT taking the above mentioned medications, you make take Tums, Maalox or Mylanta. STOP these medications 48 hours prior to the procedures.
  • Do not EAT or DRINK anything 8 hours prior to the procedure except for necessary medications like Blood Pressure, Heart, Thyroid, or Seizure which can be taken with a sip of water.
  • You will be sedated for the procedure. Someone will need to drive you home.
  • Please inform your doctor if you are scheduled for an MRI within 2 weeks of this procedure.

Important Notice:

Should you need to cancel your procedure, please give 48 hours notice or you will be charged $100.00. Please call (912) 681-MYGI (6944) to reschedule your procedure.